What should be in my public profile?

Here you will find a guide to know what and where to put things on your profile. 

What are the Quality metrics?

They are a set of standards to assist profiles in CMD 2.0 to attract more members with high-quality content.

What should I put in my public profile?

Now, your profile should display the following. We will show you where (from your account) you should do the editing and where to put what.

Category: In this section, please set the category according to the documents you uploaded for verification.

Note: In case you want to change it to the United States, please consider that you will need to show proof that you have lived in the States for at least 5 years.

Tags: Members will be able to find your profile if they type in the “Keywords” box any tag related to your account. This means that this is how a lot of members will find your profile by looking for specific things on the website, by having all the 20 tags, you get more chances to be found. 

Also, the members will be able to type in the Search function words that they are interested in and the search engine will show the profiles that contain those words (keywords, profile description, profile details).

Now, with the profile description, the suggested structure is the following:

Performer rules: Here the idea is to put what your boundaries are and the rules that best fit your sessions listed in your profile. This way, members will be able to know what to expect in your profile.

Type of shows: In this section, you can list the type of sessions and if you want to say how much you are going to charge for them.(This is optional)

Equipment specifications: Mention what type of equipment you have (model and type of camera, internet speed, etc.)

Photo Gallery:

In the photo gallery, remember to have the following:

  1. Minimum 10 pictures
  2. Resolution 1280×720
  3. No genitals allowed

Recommendation – at least 3 pictures with the face to have better placement on the site.

Video Gallery:

  1. Minimum 3 videos (about me video included)
    • “About me” video's duration is at least 20 seconds, and say a minimum of 50 words. 
    • Other videos' duration is at least 10 seconds. 
  2. Resolution 1280×720
  3. No genitals allowed, no intercourse (real or simulated; including oral sex).
  4. No copyright infringement (copyrighted materials: music, video, photos, etc.)

About me Video
The “About me” video is a new way to attract new members, but also keep the ones you already have coming to your profile. To know more about it, click here.

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