How to sell videos / timeblocks (Video Listings)


You can now sell videos directly from your CamModelDirectory account, videos which will be listed on your profile and be available for our Members to buy.
Here, we will show you the steps you will need to follow:

1.  Log into your CamModelDirectory account and go to Store ⇒ Products. There, you will be able to upload a video from your computer, by clicking the "Browse file" button.

2. After the video you chose has been uploaded, you will have to set some details:

  • Title A title you want to set to your video
  • Description - A description for your video, of maximum 200 characters
  • Price - The price (money) you want to charge a Member for selling the video
  • Thumbnail - you can choose a main image called thumbnail for your video
  • Video preview - choose a video preview only if you wish to, of maximum 60 seconds. The video preview will always start from the beginning of the clip you uploaded. 
  • Video available - set the availability of the video ⇒ ON (the video will be listed on your profile), OFF (the video will not be listed on your profile) 

3. After you set all the details, click on the "Publish video" button. The video will be saved in your account, in the same section "Store ⇒ Products".   

4. After the video is published, it will be listed on your CamModelDirectory profile, at the "Videos" tab.

5. Whenever a Member buys a video from you through the "Store" feature, you will see the purchase in your account at "Store ⇒ Orders". 


  • You can delete a video you uploaded, anytime you want, unless a Member bought that video.If a member bought it, you will be able to delete it after 48 hours since the purchase date.

Time blocks

In order to sell time blocks, the process of uploading the content is just the same as for videos, only that you will add the following GIFs as content (which says that you sell the amount of time in the GIF for the selected amount of $). Click here to see how it would look like.

All you have to do is to download the archived files in this article, extract them and upload to your CMD profile.


  • You can sell a time block only once to a member
  • In case you notice a popularity in a certain time block, it might be a good idea to replicate that time block (adding 2-3 similar time blocks)
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