How can I recover my coins sent to zkSync of which the private key for the wallet I don’t own?

If you have used an incompatible wallet and the withdrawal request has been sent to you via zkSync Layer 2, but the funds are inaccessible to you:

Step 1: You can take out the funds from by visiting THIS PAGE.

24 hours have to pass since we sent the funds to the address you provided in order to use this method.

Step 2: Enter the address you have used to make the withdrawal request on CamModelDirectory and click continue.

Step 3: Select the coins you wish to withdraw from zkSync and connect your Metamask wallet to pay the fees for this process.

All fees are paid in Ethereum (ETH) please make sure that you have enough ETH in your wallet to pay the fees for this process

Step 4: Enter the address you wish to send the amount to and click withdraw.

This destination address can be the same address you used in Step 2 above or any new address (it can be even the address from your exchange of choice like Binance)

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