How to use the booking system

You can schedule a show with a model in a certain day and a certain hour.

The available days and hours can vary, depending on how the model set her own schedule (calendar) in her account.

How to do it:

To schedule a show, go to the model's profile and click on the "Schedule a show" button.

Afterwards, choose a day which is available and an hour and then click on the confirmation button.

The model will be notified about your request, and she will be able to accept or decline it. You will be informed about her decision on your email and also in your account CamModelDirectory account.


The day and the hour you will be choosing to book will be set according to the time zonein your CamModelDirectory account. Therefore, please assure you set your correct time zone in your account, at Settings ⇒ Account ⇒ Contact details ⇒ Timezone.

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