How to report a model

If you have troubles with a model or consider the model suspicious, you can report her/him by following these steps:

1. Log into your member account

2. Search the model in the profiles page or in your history records

3. Access the model's profile page and on the right side of the screen you will see the option "..."

4. Click on the "..." and from there you will have the option to click on "Report a Problem" and fill in the details.

5. After you submit the report, you will have to upload the screenshots/photos of all the conversation you had with the model on Skype. You will be able to upload the screenshots in your account at History - Reports - Screenshots

After you press on Screenshots, you will see a green button in the upper right corner "Add", which will allow you the following two actions:

a. Add screenshots - Only 5 screenshots can be attached at a time (in order to upload more than 5, click Add screenshots again)

b. Add comments - if you want to add more details to the report made, you can add a comment

6. A private room will be generated for you, the model and a Quality Analyst from CamModelDirectory where all the screenshots and comments will be visible to all the parties included! (also, if you want to close a report submitted, leave a comment in the report)

7. The report will be concluded in 2 business days (48h) since it was made.


Please note that, as stated in our Terms and Conditions, if the report is not made within 72 hours since the incident occurred, it will not be taken into consideration.

Additionally, you have 36h to upload the required screenshots, otherwise the chances of a conclusion in your favor drop significantly!

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