[Members] Rating policy


This policy has been created for CamModelDirectory members, explaining the policy in regard to given ratings.

[1] What a given rating is?

>> A given rating represents the rating a member offers to a model after a call.

[2] What is CamModelDirectory policy in regard to a given rating?

  • 2.1 CamModelDirectory is committed to offering members the freedom to express their opinion on a show that has been delivered by a CamModelDirectory model.
  • 2.2 From another angle, CamModelDirectory and its Admins have the responsibility to protect CamModelDirectory models from receiving abusive and/or false ratings. Thus, offering to CamModelDirectory members always correct and accurate information. (Explained at point 3).
  • 2.3 Therefore, in such situations (exceptions), CamModelDirectory reserves the right to moderate the rating and remove it without any prior notification or communication on this matter.

[3] What does an abusive and/or false rating mean?

  • 3.1 If a member rating falls in the following categories, these are all valid cases for a CamModelDirectory model to request the rating removal.

a) Ratings disclosing personal information of the model;

b) Offensive ratings (ratings expressed in offensive/vulgar language);

c) Rating that can no longer be removed by the member (with a request to the CamModelDirectory support team);

d) Rating resulted from a report closed with a positive resolution for the model;

e) Rating reflecting show delivery/content that has not been agreed with the model (agreement prior to the call);

f) Rating reflecting the dissatisfaction of the member about a show content the model is not offering (according to the public profile content and/or any agreement prior to the call).

  • 3.2 All other ratings, not mentioned in the list above, are free of any moderation from CamModelDirectory Admins.

[4] Final comments

  • 4.1 Please note that you can change your rating anytime in a timeframe of maximum 48 hours (from the time of the call/receiving the invitation to rate the call).
  • 4.2 In case you are no longer able to change the rating at your end, and you wish to do so, feel free to contact support here to process your request.
  • 4.3 In case a model wants to thank you for a rating or wants to present their opinion about a rating (disputing a rating), they will be able to reply to the review. This reply will publicly be displayed.

In case you need more information on how to rate a model, please check this FAQ.

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