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How to connect a Lovense toy?
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Connecting your Lovense toy to your CamModelDirectory account is easy and can be done in 5 minutes. To begin with, this is what you are going to need:

  • CamModelDirectory account

  • Lovense toy

  • Lovense Connect application (available on mobiles for: Android - Google Play or iOS - App Store)

Part 1 - Connect the Lovense toy to your Lovense Connect app

Open the Lovense Connect app and click on Toys ⇒ Add toy(s). Make sure to have both the toy and the Bluetooth of the mobile ON, so they will pair.

Part 2 - Connect the app to your CamModelDirectory account

a. In the Lovense Connect app, go to Accounts and press on Scan QR code.

b. In your CamModelDirectory account, you have to go to Settings ⇒ Public profile ⇒ Interactive toy ⇒ Add a toy ⇒ Lovense toy (selected from a drop-down menu) ⇒ Scan QR code.

Part 3 - Create toy options

After you have successfully connected the toy to your CamModelDirectory account, it is the time to create the toy options. You can do that by clicking on Add a toy option.

A new window will open where you can manage existing options or create new ones. To start with, you will have to create an option. Click on Add option.

You have the possibility to set:

  • Amount (to be received for that option)

  • Duration (in seconds)

  • Strength (percentage)

We recommend you create a variable of options in order to cover a wider range of options!

Note: to check if everything was connected accordingly, you can see if the toy is displayed on your public profile by going to your public profile, and click on "Interactive toy"

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