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Plugin features you can use
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How to access the options?

When you are in contact with a member of CamModelDirectory, you can use the plugin to run 2 functionalities. These functions can be accessed by the blue bar button, as displayed in the following screenshot:

Leave a note on a user

You can now leave a note on the members that contact you. Just in case you need to remember things in a rush. Press on Note in the plugin and start writing your notes:

To read the note, just press on the small "i" button, and you will be able to quickly remind yourself of important notes:

Block a member

You can also block a member if you need to.

If you block them, they will no longer be able to call you or send you a prepayment or any type of payment. Additionally, you have the option to block them in Skype as well.

Just write the reason you want to block the member, check the "Block in Skype" box if you want, and press "Block". You can also let other models know about him by selecting a quick tag:

When the member contacts you again (in case you didn't block him on Skype), you will know that he is blocked by the color of the text in the box: red = blocked

Note: You can unblock a member the same way you have blocked him.

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