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Can't call models / Calls are disconnected
Can't call models / Calls are disconnected
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If you have sufficient funds in your CamModelDirectory account, but your calls are being disconnected as soon as you call a model on Skype, it means that the Skype ID you filled in your CamModelDirectory account is not matching your real Skype ID, so the system does not recognize you as one of our members. The solution to this matter is to change the Skype ID connected in your CamModelDirectory account.

Step 1 - Find your Skype ID

Log into your Skype account, click on your Skype picture and then on the "Skype profile" button. A new window will pop up.

Scroll down a little, and you will see your Skype ID at "Skype Name".

Your Skype ID can have one of the two formats:

  • live:cmdmember

  • live:.cid.5231ef07ed4acb6f

Either way, your Skype ID will be valid. Make sure to correctly copy it!

Step 2 - Fill in your Skype ID

After you found your Skype ID, you need to copy it and then go to your CamModelDirecotry account, at Settings โ‡’ Services.

Click on the "Edit" button, paste your Skype ID and click on Save.

Afterward, you will be able to call models from the Skype account associated with the Skype ID you filled in.

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