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Minimum call duration for pay-per-minute calls
Minimum call duration for pay-per-minute calls
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You can now select to charge a minimum call duration, thus allowing you to ensure a minimum amount to earn for each call with new clients.

¿How to activate it?

You need to go to Settings ⇒ Price and look at the 2nd section.

Simply select a minimum call duration and press on "Save".

¿How it works?

Basically, by selecting one of the options higher than 1 min (which is the default option, which keeps the charging normal - 1 min / x amount of $), you will set the minimum call duration.

For example, if you have selected "2 min", it means that the call in which you will get will be charged for minimum "2 min * your price per minute".

This information is also available on your public profile, and it is also displayed at the beginning of each call in the chat.

Therefore, in the context from the screenshot above, if the member decides to spend 30 seconds in the call, the model will receive:

a) the money for the time spent in the call = 30 sec / 1 min = $1.5

b) the amount remaining to fulfill the minimum call duration = 2 min = $3

Total = $4.5 for a 30 seconds call

This is how it looks on the dashboard:


There are two exceptions to this functionality:

  • The minimum call duration will not work with members that had calls with you prior to 11th of April 2024;

  • When that member sent you tips during the call. In this case (tipping), you will only receive any more money as a compensation for the time unspent in the call, in accordance with what the member has in his balance. If he does have the money, you will receive the full remaining amount. If he doesn't, you will receive only what he has left.


Member has $15

You have $1.4 per minute / minimum amount set at 3 minutes

Member calls you, spends 2 minutes in the call and tips you $12.

You will earn as it follows:

2 minutes * $1.4/minute = $2.8

Tips = $12

Total = $14.8 + ($0.2) / this means that for the one-minute left unspent you will receive a $0.2, because that's everything he has left to pay with.

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