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Bidding system - How to get your model listed in PROMOTED MODELS?
Bidding system - How to get your model listed in PROMOTED MODELS?
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At the top of the profiles pages, on CMD, we display now promoted models. You can place your models on this list if you bid for a place.

How does it work?

  • There are a maximum of 20 available positions in the PROMOTED MODELS list.

  • You can place a bid for a specific model (or more models).

  • You can bid for a specific day of the week. So, the bid is per day, for 24 hours, and starts at 00:00 UTC time.

  • Once activated, your bidding is done daily in your name, with the list being updated at the beginning of each day (at 00:00 UTC time) according to the previous day of bidding.

How to activate bidding

1. Go into your account at Promote β‡’ Ads

2. Select the model you want to place a bid for (or search her by using the search engine)

3. Once you selected the model, you will see the following options (screenshot below)

4. Enter your bid amount in dollars in the "Bid Amount" section (red square in the screenshot above). Make sure the amount is a round number, not a fractional one (example: bid either $1 or $2 instead of $1.5).

5. You have to select the days in which you want the model to be promoted. The amount you pay is individual for each day selected, and it will always be maximum that amount OR LESS (it will be explained in the next section).

6. The green number (pointed by the black arrow in the screenshot) is an estimation about the position you will get, based on your amount you just entered. Because we only have 20 spots, if your model's position is lower than 20 (and all the top 20 bids will be online on that day) it means she will not be listed. You need a higher amount to get a better place.

7. Last thing you have to do is to click on "Activate my bidding" (green check mark) and you are now up and running

How much will you pay for each bid?

You will always pay less or maximum the amount you bid. We are using concepts from the bidding system called generalized second-price auction (GSP). This is also used by Google and other big companies.

At around 00:00 UTC each day, the system checks how many bids there are for the next starting day. The system will order the models, putting on top the model with the highest bid amount.

BUT you will always pay the amount the models below your model(s) offered. So you will always pay the 2nd highest price.

Note: When more models bid the same amount then they will pay maximum that amount but never more.

Here you can see an example:



$ Bid

$ Paid

Model A




Model B




Model C




Model D




Model E




Model F




Model G




Because Model A placed the highest bid, she will take position #1 in the list. At 0:00 UTC, if she has enough $ in her balance, she will pay the 2nd highest price, meaning she will pay only $11 instead of $42.

Each model will pay the next lower bid amount.

Model B will pay Model C's bid amount β‡’ $9. And so on.

What about those who have bid the exact same amount?

In order to differentiate the models who placed the same bid, ranking score will be taken into consideration.

For example:

If Model C and Model D bid the same amount, the one who is higher ranked according to the automated ranking system algorithm will take the higher bidding place than the competitor with the same bet. In our case, Model C > Model D by the ranking system.

Model C will pay the amount Model D bid (because it is an exact bid, the amount will be $9). Model D will also pay in this case the $9, because there were 2 of them fighting for the same spot.

Model E will pay the following lower amount bid, according to the above tab, $5.

And so on, for the first 20 models that have enough $ in their balance at 00:00 UTC.

What if I want to improve the bidding position and get a higher place for a model?

In this case, you will need to go back to your account, to Ads page and edit your bids:

  1. Select the model for which you want to change the bid

  2. Select a new amount to set in the "Bid Amount" section

  3. Choose different days of the week (or not) depending on what you desire

  4. Click on "Update my bidding" to finish (red arrow in the screenshot above)

Then you will be able to see the estimated new position again among the bidders. If you need to adjust again the bid you placed, repeat the process.

What happens if I do not have the $ amount I bid or at the end of the day I am missing a couple of dollars?

If you do not have the required amount by the time the bidding system updates itself, the model will be excluded from the list. Even if you miss $1, the system will read that you do not have the required amount you selected for a bit and will exclude the model from the list. Please, make sure you have the right amount before placing a bet!

Bids are not refundable!

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