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How does the ranking system (profile placement) work?
How does the ranking system (profile placement) work?
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We think our best and loyal models should be first on the profiles page. At the same time, we want to encourage each new model to work with us, thus we have defined a well-balanced ranking system that takes into consideration a couple of metrics related with your profile completion, activity and performance.

Going into more details, please take a look at the metrics table.

Metric type


General (one time)

Public profile pictures

Public profile description

Usage of scheduling system

Video preview

Pay-Per-Minute base price

Dynamic (daily/weekly/monthly)

No. of Pay-Per-Minute calls

Payments value

Average response time


True reports

Video preview changed within 24 hours

Detailed explanations:

Public profile pictures

  1. Having an avatar picture is a technical requirement. Therefore, your profile will not be visible until you will have this setup;

  2. We recommend having a minimum of 10 pictures. Having less than 10 public profile pictures draws on itself a negative score, so a weaker place in the rankings;

  3. You can upload up to 100 pictures;

  4. Make sure you upload only real pictures of yourself (avatar and public profile) that reflect your personality, profile, activity and what you can offer to our members.

    Please note that uploading fake pictures may lead to account closure.

  5. We recommend uploading at least 2-3 face pictures. This can increase your traffic as members appreciate photos in which your face is visible beside body photos;

  6. Minimum pictures resolution (HD): 1,280x720

  7. We do not accept pictures that can defame religions, beliefs or may be associated or suggest illegal behaviors such as pedophilia, adolescence, bestiality or zoophilia, or refer to elimination or consumption of any bodily waste.

  8. Photos branded with other sites are not allowed and will be removed from your profile, as advertising them on CamModelDirectory is against our Terms and Conditions. The same applies to irrelevant photos or photos which do not match your profile (e.g. pictures of food, animals, cartoons, etc.)

Public profile description

Description is essential for members to know you better and understand what you may offer.

  1. You can insert text and pictures, at the same time, for your general profile to be more attractive for members. For details on how to add pictures in your public description, please visit this article.

  2. Please note that having a description containing a minimum of 50 words represents a technical requirement for your profile to be visible;

  3. As a recommendation, we would suggest having a description of minimum 200 words;

  4. Pay attention to copyright policy. The description may be deleted, or your account may be suspended if detected copyright.

Usage of scheduling feature

For more transparency on your schedule and availability, we suggest you to use this tool. Although you're not online, members may appreciate knowing when you'll be back. Having a clear schedule for each day of the week brings you more points for your general ranking.

Public profile videos

Same as for the public profile pictures, we encourage you to upload as many videos as you can. 90% of the members are looking at these videos, and they can have a very big impact when deciding the model they want to talk with. If you're looking for a better position in the rankings, connect your Twitter account and upload at least 5 videos. The same applies for the videos uploaded from the computer.

Video preview

It is one of the 4 most important metrics, so you may want to take this into consideration. If you don't have one, just follow this article and create one right now. Changing the video preview within 24h brings you some additional extra points. So, think about it!

Pay per minute base price

Depending on your public price, you get some points on this. Having a higher price gives you more changes for a better ranking.

Ratings and reports

Reflect how satisfied are members with the shows you have provided. The learning from here is that it is your role to make sure you deliver what a member expects and makes him happy. If you do that, you get important points.

Average response time

Reflects how fast you deliver answers (in Skype) to your members. So, we definitely recommend you to be as responsive as possible. This helps you a lot in reaching a spot in the first page. Check the reports in your account for more details on your own stats.

Infringements / not compliance

Please keep in mind in cases where infringements in your profile are encountered or content not complying with our policies, then, deductions of points will take place, and sadly your profile score will be affected.

Important: As you are a part of the CamModelDirectory community, your score (calculated automatically by our system) will be compared to the other models and therefore this is how we define your ranking on the profile page. Please note that the ranking can change at any time.

Suggestion: Be active and responsible for your actions, do a great job every time you are online and provide with good quality shows to our members.

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