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How to respond to a received rating?
How to respond to a received rating?
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Because we do understand the importance to give models the chance to say thank you or to dispute a review, you are now able to reply to all the ratings you receive.

By replying to your ratings, you have the chance to interact with members positively and appeal to new customers.

It's always best to approach a negative rating as an opportunity to turn around the situation into something positive.

Why? - The way you respond to a negative rating says more about you than the rating itself. Look at this as an opportunity to improve the members' experience and also for your future customers.

How to reply to the ratings

When receiving a rating, you can reply to it within 48 hours after the rating is given.

When receiving the rating, you go to your account at Statistics โ‡’ Ratings:

There you will be able to see a section called "Leave a comment". In that section, you will be able to add a comment. After you are done typing, click on "Ok".

Then the reply will be displayed below the received rating:

Once the comment is added, it will be displayed on your profile, and you will not be able to edit it once it's published:

Tips for replying to ratings

Here we will be leaving some tips on how to reply to ratings:

Responding to positive ratings

  • Give customized replies

    • Members highly appreciate when they feel heard and that their rating and/or comment was read. Thanks to the member and repeat something they mentioned during your show. Like this, you show other members that feedback is important for you and motivates them to leave ratings.

    • For example: "Thanks for our time together. It's always motivating to know my dancing was appreciated."

  • Highlight your strengths

    • When a member mentions something they liked about your show, highlight it in your reply for other members to know more about your strengths.

    • For example: "I'm glad you liked my toys. I just bought new ones and some new costumes for us to keep having fun."

Responding to negative reviews

  • Don't take it personally

    • Even the best models have members who find something they don't like. A lot of users want everything to be just perfect.

  • Stay calm and polite

    • Being polite and courteous is always a big plus. This way, you can turn around a negative rating into a positive thing, by showing your professionalism to future customers. This can encourage members to book shows with you.

Objectivity over emotion

If members misread or ignore important info (e.g. type of shows you offer), mention that the info was displayed on your profile description. That way you can stay objective while acknowledging the inconvenience but without taking the blame.

For example: "I'm sorry your experience was affected by me not having a doctor's custom. I'll be looking for one for our next show, but there are other ones listed on my profile we can enjoy together."

Keep it constructive

Critics can always be an opportunity to improve. If a member complains, acknowledge their disappointment and investigate possible improvements. Thank the member for the feedback and let them know you're taking action.

For example: "I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed with my English skills. I'm currently taking classes to communicate better with members."

Acknowledgment, not blame

Members who leave negative ratings often just want to be heard. To soothe their frustration, acknowledge their experience. This is not taking the blame, is just a way to make the members feel heard.

For example: "I'm sorry you were disappointed by me not providing nudity shows. I'm a girlfriend-experience model that can't always match up with the type of shows models from other categories may have to offer. I hope you can find a model that fits the type of content you are looking for."

In case you need more information on the rating policy, please check this FAQ.

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