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Discord server - How does it work?
Discord server - How does it work?
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First, you need to have a Discord account. In case you don't have, click here to create it.

Once you have the account, you will have to create your own server. This is how you do it:

1. Click the "+" button on the left-hand column

No matter if it's the first, second, or third server you've made, this is the place you'll need to go. Note that the "+" icon can be hidden if you have a lot of servers. Simply scroll down the server column on the left to find where the "+" is hiding.

2. Click on "Create my own" server

3. Time to name your server

To avoid confusions, better name your server same as your model name - this way, the members trying to contact you will know they are in the right place.

4. Now, let's generate that invitation link:

The invitation link will be used to link your CMD 2.0 profile to your Discord server, so members will be one click away from you.

a) Right-click on your server and select "Invite people"

b) In the bottom side of the opened window, you will see this. Click on "Edit invite link"

c) Make sure to match the settings exactly like in the screenshot below. After that, click on "Generate a new link"

d) Copy the newly generate link by pressing on "Copy"

5. Connect your server link to your CMD profile:

b) In the yellow section, paste the invitation link to your server and press "Save"

d) In the yellow section, paste the invitation link and press "Save"

Job done! Now, members will be able to reach you via Discord.

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