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Purchase session - How the prepaid packages for your guests works?
Purchase session - How the prepaid packages for your guests works?
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You are able to create a list of prepaid packages that guests will be able to buy. Those packages are customizable, allowing you to set options as you see fit.

Enabling the feature

To enable it, you will need to go in your account to Store - Packages. You will need to enable the function by pressing on the green button, "Enable".


Now that you have enabled it, you should have the "default" following options:

We will take one of those to analyze, to understand the extent of customization, this being applied to all 4 categories.

For example, in the screenshot above, you have the following options and details:

a) Red arrow - Edit / Disable

  • Edit - allows you to edit the category title, and the options to be displayed inside of it. You can choose from an array, but we will discuss later in this article that part (press here to go to that section)

  • Disable - this option allows you to eliminate this category from being displayed on the Purchase session, so guests won't see the section and neither will you

b) Green arrow - Add Package

  • Using this, you have the option to add a new package in your list

  • A package is exactly what you are seeing in that list, for example Pack: "It's just a test" (pink square) will be sold for the "Price" of $108 (purple square)

c) Blue arrow - Edit or Eliminate package

  • By editing the package, you can change the name of the package and the price

  • By eliminating it, it will disappear from the list

Optimizing a category

We will discuss how optimizing a category works (the Edit red arrow button). Once you press it, you will go here:

If you leave it by default, this is what a member will see:

We can add multiple fields there, as to give more context/options for the show you can offer to your customers. Let's press on "Add Field":

There, we will have the following options:

  • Name (the name of that option)

  • Type - Single option, Multiple options, Text (text will allow the user to write what he wants)

  • Options - we input a text there and press enter, then repeat for multiple options

In the example above, we added a multiple option type of field, meaning that the customer will be able to select multiple choices when they complete the request. Let's add another field:

We have added a Mask field for BDSM, being a single option the customer will be able to choose only one of the options, in this case either Mask ON or Mask OFF.

We will add a text option, in which the user can type in anything else he would like, like preferences.

This is what we will see in the list after we added these three fields:

How will the feature appear on your profile

Let's see how this will look like on your profile, from a guest POV:

In the example above, we see that the guest/member selected:

  • a 45 min = $81 (package) Discord session

  • a Dildo and Interactive toy (multiple choices - field)

  • and with the Mask ON (single choice - field)

  • additionally, the user asked if there is any available outfit to wear

Once he completed the options, he will press on "Buy (no account)" button and proceed with making the payment.

You will be informed about such a purchase via email, in which all the information about the options chosen by the user will be delivered to you.

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