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How to win an Extra 6% from your transactions (100% yours!) ?
How to win an Extra 6% from your transactions (100% yours!) ?
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Every new model starts with an 80% payout rate, but any model can also win extra 6% money with our Extra 6% Referral Program, so they can have an 86% payout rate (default 80% + extra 6%)

How does it work?

1. Log into your Model account and get your referral link from the tab Promote β‡’ Win Extra 6% Money.

2. Give your referral link to a person to create a CamModelDirectory Member account

3. After that person creates a member account through your referral link, you will win extra 6% money for ALL THE PAYMENTS (calls, prepayments, tips, sold videos) you will have with that Member (LIFETIME)

4. All the extra money earned will go to a separate balance in your account, and you can withdraw it by going to Payments β‡’ Withdraw β‡’ Extra 6% Balance.

5. If you work for a studio, all the extra 6% money you earn will go automatically to your studio.

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