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How CamModelDirectory works?
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1. Create a member account here.

2. Add funds to your account using your credit/debit card or other payment methods that we accept.

3. Visit the profiles page, choose a model, and press on "Open SKYPE Chat" to get in touch with her.

Note: You can also purchase a session with the model without creating an account. By doing so, you will make the payment directly to the model and thus receive her contact details, so you can have the show. This can be done by clicking on "Purchase Session". If you want to know more, check out this article.

4. Video/audio call the model on Skype as usual. When the call is accepted, you will be charged per minute. The money is deducted from your CMD account according to the model's price, so you don't need to do or pay anything before or after.

5. After ending the call, visit your account and go to History β‡’ Calls to see your calls' history or to History β‡’ All Payments to see your payments' history.


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