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How to send a prepayment?
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Before sending a payment, make sure you have discussed with the model about it!

How to do it?

1. In your account, on the menu available on the left side, go to Payments ⇒ Pay

2. In this section, you have the following details to complete:

a. Send to this Skype ID (orange arrow) ⇒ here you have to insert the Skype / Discord ID of the model to which you are going to send the money

b. Amount (green arrow) ⇒ the amount you wish to send

c. Description (blue arrow) ⇒ a short description of the payment (the model will see the description in her account to easily track the payment; be descriptive if possible)

3. The only step left is to press Send and inform the model that you have sent her the prepayment.

Note: If a prepayment is sent without the prior consultation of the model, the transaction might be irreversible. Please, discuss with the model before sending the prepayment!

How to check if the payment was registered?

After sending the prepayment, you can check the transaction in your account using the left menu by going to History ⇒ All Payments. There, you will be able to see the transaction with the description written.

Note: In the same way, the model can check the transaction!

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