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How can you perform as a couple?
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If you wish to provide shows as a couple, here's what you need to do:


Create your model account and verify it.

Your partner:

Create their model account and verify it.


Choose one of the two accounts already created and verified to provide the shows.

In the account selected to provide the couple shows, you must add a profile photo where both of you appear, and in the gallery, you must upload photos together, add a relevant couple profile description, and select "Couple" in gender.

This can be done in Settings ⇒ Public Profile ⇒ Gender: Couple

*Remember that you only have to select “Couple” in gender on the account that you will use to give shows together, on the other account, you can put any of the other genders.

When you have completed the previous steps, you must contact us and send us the e-mail of both accounts, both yours and your partner's, so that we can review the content and verify them.

Once both accounts have been reviewed and verified, you can start giving shows as a couple.

Finally, you only have to log in to the plugin with the username of the account chosen to provide shows as a couple.

Now everything is ready!

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