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I have received a report! What to do now?
I have received a report! What to do now?
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In case you just received a report from a member, there are a couple of simple steps you need to take to help the Quality Analyst make a decision:

  1. Upload screenshots - this can be done from your account at History β‡’ Reports β‡’ Screenshots (see screenshot below; to quickly access the section, click here

Note: If you click on the report (same area as the 'Click' in the screenshot above) you will be able to see the description, any additional comments/screenshots, and the resolution of the report

After you have pressed the blue button 'Screenshots', a green button 'Add' will be available to press, which will give the following two actions (see screenshot below)

a. Add screenshots (this will allow you to upload a maximum of 5 screenshots at a time; to upload more, simply repeat the process)

b. Add comment

2. Add comments (optional) - in case you need to add additional information to the related report, simply add a comment


  • All the screenshots and comments uploaded are visible to all the participants involved (member, model, and Quality Analyst). You can see the comments and screenshots uploaded by member, and vice versa

  • The report is concluded in 2 business days (48 hours) since the submission (the time can be extended by our Quality team in case there is a need for extra information / time to reach a conclusion)

  • In case you want to quickly end a report (in case you agree with a refund or with the case of the member), please leave a comment on the ongoing report and a decision will be taken sooner

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