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How can I make my "About me" video more appealing?
How can I make my "About me" video more appealing?
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The “About me” video is a new way to attract new members, but also keep the ones you already have coming to your profile.

With this video, members will get a grasp of what they will find in your profile. Also, it will be a faster way to reach more members.

That is why your video should be at least 20 seconds long and have a minimum of 50 words.

Here we have a set of recommendations you can find useful at the time of recording your video. Please consider that it is up to you to decide what content should go in your video.

  1. Face the camera, this will let the member see you. Please make sure that your face is visible at all times in the video. **

    ** The rules of CMD do not demand that any model show their face in their profile. This means that any model is free to choose if she wants to attract customers by showing their face and their smile, or by not showing them in their public profile. Because CMD platform's job is to maximize the conversion from visitors to paying customers for the models, the CMD team looks at the available historical data.

    The bottom line is that showing your face and smile in your profile and video presentation of yourself (AKA About me video) will give you higher chances of conversion from the organic traffic that comes from Google. The extra points will only make a difference if there are two or more models that have an identical number of points that generate the ranking score. So the difference will not have a big impact on the overall ranking.

  2. Consider this video as a way to tell a little about you:

    1. It would be nice for you to start with a greeting: Hello, Hi, Hi there, …, etc.

    2. Tell the audience your model’s name. And if you want to, where you are located at the moment: Hi there, my name is _____ currently I am in _____. *

      *The location is just a suggestion for you to add, some models see this as adding value to their profiles to have more members interested in interacting with them, in the end, the decision is yours.

    3. After that, say a fun/interesting fact about you/your persona and your ideal session/ideal member.

    4. Mention what type of sessions you offer. In this part, the member/visitor should know what they can expect to find in your profile.

    5. Extend an invitation to call with some reasons why they should.

    6. Stay engaged with your persona at all times, this will bring more credibility to your video and members will feel more engaged with your content.

    7. If you want to, you can give a tease of what type of sessions you offer, that could be a big plus.

With these recommendations, we are sure you will have a more appealing video, and attract more members to your profile.

Keep in mind that the better the storytelling, the more engaged your members/guests will be 😉.

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