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How can I rate a member?
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You can rate the experience you had with a member after a pay-per-minute call. There are 3 available ways you can rate.

From your CamModelDirectory account

In the History - Calls section, you will find the button called "Rate Member" which can be pressed in order to rate the experience you just had with the member.

After the pay-per-minute call ended

Just by clicking on a number at the end of the call:

From the email registered on your CamModelDirectory account

After a pay-per-minute call, you get an e-mail from us with the title "Rate your experience"

The rating process

After selecting one of the ways above, you will arrive here πŸ‘‡

On this page, you have 2 interaction points (rating-wise):

  • Number of starts - this determines the overall experience you had, rated from 1 to 5 stars (5 being a Great experience);

  • Leave a comment - you can also express your opinion in written. It is recommended that you do so to either justify the good rating you have given or to express some improvement points that the member can work on.

Once you've decided on the rating, click on "Submit". Now, the rating has been submitted! You can rate the experience you will have with the same member, once every 24 hours.

Note: The rating can be changed in maximum 48h from the moment it was submitted only from the email received from CamModelDirectory.

In case you need more information on the rating policy, please check this FAQ.

In case you need more information on how to respond to a received rating, please

check this FAQ.

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