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How the booking system (calendar) works
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Accessing the Calendar section

In the Calendar section, which is situated in the left menu, go to "Schedule" and select the time slots you wish to offer for booking.

You can start selecting the time slots by pressing on the green button. You can also switch between time format: AM/PM or 24 hours.

Building your schedule

We will take a couple of examples in order to cover the multitude of context that might appear:

  • I am available between 9AM - 5PM on Mondays

Then I will go to Monday, press on the plus button and adjust the time (by moving the two square buttons) from 9AM to 5PM:

This is how it looks when it is saved:

  • I am available from 7AM to 2PM and then from 5PM to 9PM on Tuesdays

In this case, we will go to Tuesday and select two time slots. In addition to what has been described above, after we set the first time slot, we will click on the plus button and add the secondary time slot:

  • I am available from 9PM Wednesdays to 7AM Thursdays

In such context, we will need to select the program according to each day. Thus, we will have a program of 9PM to 12AM on Wednesday, and on Thursday we will have a program from 12AM to 7AM:


The days and the hours you will be choosing for your schedule will be set according to the timezone in your CamModelDirectory account. Therefore, please assure you set your correct timezone in your account, at Settings β‡’ Account β‡’ Contact details.

What will happen next?

After selecting the desired time slots, a "Schedule a show" button will appear on your public profile

Now, members can easily book a show with you through that button. They will choose what day and time suit them, and you will be notified in your account and on your e-mail about the booking requests. You can accept or deny them directly from your account at Calendar β‡’ Bookings.

After accepting, please make sure to be online and provide the show which you agreed upon.

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